Long Beach, CA
LONG BEACH: Thursdays 11 a.m. until 5p.m. ( after dark, lighted.)

Trainer: Jerry Stewart

1 - 125' x 230' arena
30 Katahdin crossed sheep

Ample parking, freeway very close! Airports, restaurants, attractions and motels nearby.

Take special note that the Long Beach location marked with red "+" is very  near the merging of the Del Amo East off ramp from the 710 and Del Amo Blvd..Before crossing the LA river bridge.

 Immediately at the first drive way turn right. The site fits between the LA river and the 710 Freeway under the SCE power lines which are large towers.

Caution: Do NOT go to the address near the 605 Freeway. Some map programs and GPS systems try to send you there.



Always check the home page and read the banner to make sure that nothing unusual has occurred to prevent a class from happening.