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Keep your browser current to enjoy all the features (like video, and background sounds) on this web. You may have to enable activex controls in the security settings (click on custom) of your browser. Having DSL or faster is a plus if you wish to wait for the music and the video's downloads. Do to recent changes to Browsers I added a music link to many pages that add to that pages experience!

Every month I remove the oldest items from this page. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content. You may have to select the refresh button of the address bar on your browser because it may of saved an older version of the page and pulled that up.

Here you will find a listing of the most recent web site changes. February 20, 2012 I began the process of moving and updating Easy's Place to Ed Faulks server. Which became necessary due to the inability of updating the pages on the Verizon site. The web site address became http://www.faswebdesign.com/jerstew/index.htm. August 30,2015 I created a copy of this site to another sever . Which became necessary due to the faswebdesign.com site going down which came back up September 2,2015. Now the other severs' site has become unavailable.