Frequently asked questions:


I describe herding as the art of moving livestock from one place to another. This picture is an illustration of what can happen to one who is struggling to develop that artistic talent after a rainy day.

The video linked to below illustrates what often frequently happens the first time the dog is allowed to work stock.

Here is the link to the home page.

Gus's first day, The Dog Whisper:     Introduction  ( 6 MB )
                                                               The Work     ( 11 MB )


Frequently asked question: What hours do you hold your herding class? What days?
It starts at 11 am on Thursdays. For specifics on the location go to the class site page,  Long Beach. Generally allow yourself  2 hours for class, which is the time students usually spend at the class site. Please do not email me asking about Saturday, Sunday or private lessons. They are not currently available
Frequently asked question: Do I need an appointment? Do I have to be there at 11am or do I just come out?
Make sure to see the banner that floats across the home page for any last minute notices . Come out anytime during the class hours provided you leave enough time to run your dog before the class ends, usually around 5pm..
Frequently asked question:  How old does the dog need to be to do this? 
The answer is the dog will tell us.
Frequently asked question: How much time will the dog spend actually working the sheep ?
The answer is the dog will tell us. The safety of everyone is in our hands and once fatigue, mental or physical, starts to show its signs learning stops and weird things happen. You are not buying time. You are buying training.
Frequently asked question: What training does my dog need to have before coming out for lessons?
I thought that you were coming out to train the dog? This is what we do there. If he already has training do not worry we will have to retrain the dog to do it on stock.
Frequently asked question: How much does a lesson cost?
 Bring  $50 (no checks or credit cards) and expect to sign a liability release for you and your dog for your first day at any location, which covers all locations.  Further detailed explanations on my price policy is here.
Frequently asked question: How often do you work on your website?
A lot, at times twice a day. Any major changes are listed on the What's New page. During the herding trials seasons I may go a week or two without doing anything to it. You are encouraged to go to What's new page for the latest information.
Frequently asked question: What do I need to bring to class on the first day?
Your dog with a collar and leash attached to the dog, a water bowl, a folding chair, later if you decide to continue, you will need to get a crook. Bring $40 after May 1,2019 $50 (no checks or credit cards) and expect to sign a liability release for you and your dog.
Frequently asked question: Do classes go year round?
Yes, they do and in all types of weather. Livestock work and herding trials occur in all types of weather so you and your dog need to be exposed and trained to deal with the changing conditions. The exception being if a facility is rendered unusable by Mother Nature. If at all possible notice will be put on the banner ahead of time.
Frequently asked question: Do you herd on weekends?
 If you meant do I hold herding training classes on weekends the answer is no. I on most weekends I am herding in one capacity or another.
Frequently asked question: What is the best way for me to reach you?

 See me at class, yes just come out. The next best way is to use the email. ( If you insist on calling then leave a message!

Frequently asked question: What are your credentials as a herding trainer?
 Results, please use these links to the Biography and the Honor Roll pages . Currently eleven of the forty two Herding Championships are on dogs I own/ handle, twenty are on dogs and their handler/owners that I have trained. Many HIT dogs are pictured (there are more that I do not have pictures of ) and most of these dogs pictured have multiple High In Trials. Four of my students have become herding trial judges. By the year 2000 I had been part of over 55,000 herding training runs. I have been involved in dog training for 34 years.
Frequently asked question: What if I do not want to trial with my dog?
This is not a problem for me; I have many students that just want to herd with their dogs. You and your dog will still receive the same amount of help in your training. It is more important that you take your herding serious...the animals' lives are in your hands.
Frequently asked question: How do I get to your class newsletter?
A link is in the table of contents frame that comes up on the home page.  or click here.
Frequently asked question: How did you train your sheep to load into your truck?
They are not trained to load. The dog (s) put them in. I have to admit they seem to like to go for a drive
Frequently asked question: Have you ever missed a class day?
It had been the grace of god that I have not. One year I had a planned missed day. An exception, I made that year was to use my then assistant trainer  Scott Gallagher at the location and day when I was away during a judging assignment. During the rainy season  if the Facility becomes unusable then about half of the class days.
Frequently asked question: I have a dog that doesn’t play well with other dogs the first time she meets. Sometimes she’ll never warm up to them. Would it be a problem to bring her out?
It has not a problem for me.
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