Syrian Church

Home Chaldean Church Malabar Church Malankar Church Maronite Church Syrian Church Syria lies on the Mediterranean Sea and is bounded on the north by Turkey, on the east by Iraq, on the south by Jordan and on the west by Israel and Lebanon. The name "syrian" was derived from Cyrus the king of Persia (559-529 B.C.) who conquered Babylon (539 B.C.) and liberated the Jews by permitting them to return to Judea. His name is mentioned by the prophet Isaiah, connected with Christ. The name "Syrian" is equivalent to the term "Christian" which was applied to the disciples in Antioch for the first time because those converted Jews believed that Cyrus, their liberator from captivity in 538 B.C. resembled Christ the liberator of captive mankind. So they used to repeat Christ's name connected with his name for pride and honor, as their forefathers did upon their return to Judea. When this news arrived to the gentile elements in Antioch they called them "Syrians" or "Christians." From that time onwards "Syrian" prevailed first among the Christians of Syria and afterwards among the Christian of Mesopotamia, Persia, India and the far east, through the work of the Syrian Apostles and preachers. This name was used in Syria to distinguish between the Christian Arameans and the Arameans who were not yet converted. Hence the word "Aramean" became synonymous to the word "heathen" and the word "Syrian" synonymous to Christian. Likewise, the Aramaic language was called Syriac. Until the present days the Christians who speak Syriac, are called in this sense "Suroye" or "Suraye" or "Curyaye" whereas the name "Christian" prevailed among the western Christians 

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