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Although there were Christians there from Apostolic times, large scale conversions, including the King, did not take place until the fourth century when the Coptic St. Frumentius evangelized the area. The Ethiopian Church, part of the Coptic Church until the Marxist revolution of 1974, was the state religion. Among the Coptic Orthodox it received independent status from Alexandria in 1950 and became an autonomous church.

At the Council of Florence communion was achieved with the Ethiopian Church but could not take hold because of the forced introduction of Latin Liturgical practices. This caused great resentment and finally reversion to a state of division. In the 19th century missionary activity resumed and in 1960 a metropolitan see was established. In 1999 there were 192,110 members of the Ethiopian Catholic Church.

Ge'ez parishes in Southern California include:

bulletEritrean (Ge'ez) Catholic Community of San Diego
San Diego, CA
Phone: (858) 490-8306

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